Goosies – it’s your community club!

We work for the betterment of the Mackay region by creating and embracing a support program that is unique.

Our not-for-profit club makes a real contribution to its community every year. The club is one of the most respected in the area and is known for its community support. In recent years, we have donated more than $4.1 million back into the region.

Goosies is committed to the growth of this program to ensure the longevity of the region.

Join us, because when we work together, play together and care together, it’s the community that profits!

Trading Hours

Monday   ~   10am to midnight
Tuesday   ~   10am to midnight
Wednesday   ~   10am to midnight
Thursday   ~   10am to midnight
Friday   ~   10am to midnight
Saturday   ~   10am to midnight
Sunday   ~   10am to midnight

Permitted trading hours:  10am to 12am

Covid 19 Update


  74-76 Malcomson St
  North Mackay QLD 4740


  07 4942 3393